Warranty information

Our windows and doors comply with the New Zealand Building Code and the relevant New Zealand standards, NZS4211, Performance of Windows, and NZS4223, Glazing in Buildings - Parts 1-4.

The window systems are extensively tested to perform in New Zealand's diverse weather conditions, meeting requirements for strength, deflection, weathertightness and air leakage. A warranty for all windows and doors is provided under normal conditions of use against failure of materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years.

The surface finish of aluminium extrusions is covered by a separate performance warranty which is dependent on the actual finish selected. 

Duralloy is designed for

  • Residential developments
  • Buildings up to three levels above ground
  • Properties greater than 100 metres from the mean high tide level
  • Offers a 10 year film and colour integrity warranty.

Duratec is designed for

  • Prestigious residential and commercial developments
  • All major architectural developments
  • Properties greater than 10 metres from the mean high tide level
  • Offers a 20 year durability warranty for film integrity. Colour integrity warranty is less in duration and is colour dependent.