Improved glazing completes your joinery

Choosing the right glass options can reduce UV, minimise heat loss and help achieve year-round comfort making it a decision that can have a huge impact on your project.

Thermal performance is an important aspect of new homes with several glass options to improve thermal efficiency. We offer a variety of performance glass options to suit most requirements; talk to us for help to choose the right glass for your home.

Glass range

Glazing choices are an important option to consider. Glass can enhance the way your home looks and feels, but it also adds to the warmth and thermal efficiency of your home.

It’s a good idea to work through your options to find the right glass for your home. With options to reduce UV, minimise heat loss, and increase year-round comfort, your decisions can have a significant impact on the performance of your glazing.

Some factors to consider and discuss with us are the orientation and shading of your home, the climate and noise around where you live. There are a variety of performance glass options to suit most requirements. Here is a quick overview of the most popular options to consider.

The AGP System®

The AGP System®

Our insulated, high-performance system, The AGP System®, uses the best components and technology available in New Zealand, featuring:

  • Solux-E® or Solux Ultra™
  • Argon gas
  • ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer®
The AGP System® is backed with an extended 12-year warranty - two years longer than the industry standard or legislative requirements.


A virtually invisible low emissivity (Low-E) coating added to The AGP System® improving the level of insulation and solar control in your home.

Solux-E® reduces the amount of heat that passes through the glass while still letting natural light through, improving the thermal efficiency of a home. It offers year-round comfort and a warmer, drier and healthier home.

Upgrade to Solux Ultra™

Upgrade to Solux Ultra™

AGP's newest high performance Low-E glass. The perfect blend of clarity, overheating control and fading protection.

Due to its superior solar control, Solux Ultra™ is the best choice for homeowners wanting to control overheating and is highly recommended for buildings with higher window-to-wall ratio. 

Comparing Solux-E® and Solux Ultra™ Low-E Glass

The AGP System® with Solux-E®

The AGP System® with Solux Ultra

Warmth within home
Control of overheating
Reduction in fading

Compared to single glazed 3mm clear glass. Data is indicative of performance and is not a guarantee of in-service performance.

AGP - State of the art glass

Architectural Glass Products (AGP) is a brand-new state of the art double-glazing manufacturing business focused on supplying high quality products with exceptional service to its customers. AGP operates out of a custom-built world-class facility in Hautapu, near Cambridge.

AGP is part of the PGL Group, the market leader of window and door systems in New Zealand. AGP was created to help provide the APL window manufacturer network with a total window solution.

Glass is an integral part of any window solution and APL can now off­er the most advanced glass technology to their customers.